In the darkest hour
Boring (reprise)
Arms up!
Quite a day
Friends like you
Ghost of creativity
Good kid
Plastic flying discs
On my mind
Like a saviour
Love song for the

The constant chase
Here's to you and me
Oh, my god
Wednesday night
Film School
Baby blue
The Dreamer
Make the move
In the darkest hour you come running in the darkest hour ‘cause in my dreams you’re still alive and I wake up in a raging fire a raging fire inside in the night you live in the night you breathe violently when I’m asleep and there’s a door that’s always opening but it’s shut again in the morning and you call for me in the summer wind when no one else is listening and there’s a chilling in the June evening when I kid myself you’re home again

Annoying my biggest fear is just sitting here with no one to talk to locked up in my apartment for years with nothing to show for becoming dull and uninspiring nothing no one would miss I feel myself losing pace no ideas no guts no glory I just talk too much and then I talk too little need to keep myself in the middle then I focus on being myself then I try to be someone else

Lights Berlin to Chicago it’s your wits, your dress, your smile 5 years and then I’ll see you if there’s a mutual attraction we are a nuclear reaction and when you call in I dress up and make you smile leave my grumpiness outside yeah there’s a feeling of awakening in the noise of the evening hey, that’s the spirit! let us not be tough or mad cause you know things will go bad when there’s a mutual attraction we are a nuclear reaction and when I see you I can finally relax and convince myself of this: this is the real deal this is the real deal, baby

Gemini I’m getting up early in the morning but I haven’t gone to bed I’m staying up searching my heart and my harddrive for the love I know I have I like to think of you as my brother we fight and then we get along I wanna go places wanna see new faces but I want you to come along gemini gemini gemini gemini I’d like to think of you as my brother

Now it’s on on all of our minds we are one we’re really all of the same kind and I hope when my time comes I can know what it’s really like lay it out for me spell it out for me lay it out for me spell it out baby one revolution is completed each night what are we doing with all of this time? while we’re waiting for the promise inside for a reason, or a sign lay it out for me spell it out for me I’m sticking all my intentions right out into the air and people will think that I’m silly but I am not gonna care ‘cause I will try to get better at looking out for my friends though I’m not sure quite how I’m gonna start right now

Supposed did I change at 23? when I was blind to the road that was offered me did I learn anything? or have I aged on the outside in a silent rage? can I change anything? am I forced to conform is it up to me? or will I learn my abc? become numb and at ease as a nobody things I think when I’m on my own things I say to myself when I’m alone things I think in my dark and lonely home things I know but cannot tell no one when I’m inside talking to the mirror on the outside talking to the mirror outside on the outside of my dark and lonely soul

Boring (reprise) my biggest fear is just sitting here with no one to talk to locked up in my apartment for years with nothing to show for becoming dull and uninspiring nothing no one would miss I feel myself losing pace no ideas no guts no glory I just need something to take me out of this bubble need to find more fun and less trouble and I promise I’ll be myself no I don’t need nobody else

Arms Up! we got time so much time on our hands we don’t know what to do with it man, we got love so much love to spend but we don’t know where to put it in our minds we can all decide in our minds we are all alright arms up!

Quite a day re-invent the wheel and let it roll away, we’ve been over that shut down the supermarkets it’s quite a day, yeah spend your fortune on fire wood hey come on - you’re not the stuff you wear soon we could use someone who remembers which plants are edible cut down the trees and let them go to waste – what a great idea! pump in the dollars baby it’s quite a day it’s unscientific and that’s why I like it, it’s not realistic and that’s why I’m in yeah yeah yeah no no no

Friends like you I’m coming out Friday night when work is over Try not to schedule any other things to do We can ride Up the coast or maybe down the mountains ’cause you and I have got some catching up to do last I heard you had broke up with Cornelia I hope you’re getting along better these days I wish you’d call Like you used to when you needed someone I wish you’d call me just to come and hang out I’m not saying we should relive the past And I’m not complaining about things that didn’t last I just wanna see you and all of your sides ’cause friends like you are hard to come by remember times when no one or nothing seemed to matter when the perfect time could be whenever and we had time just to hang around and do whatever seems like then we were like glued together but everything’s changed now, there is so much to do I feel so estranged now, when I’m talking to you I’ve met so many people, I’ve spent so much time but friends like you have been hard to find but I wish that parts of me would be revived there are parts in me that survive just by knowing that you are alive but lives like ours are hard to combine

Ghost of creativity well I know you have got time now so I won’t blame you anymore if you don’t care to show when I need you the most I know you’re doing alright if I sit here and wait you will swing by this way and get me well I know you, you are out there so I won’t chase you anymore but I wish that you had been right here to stream your flow through my fingers but you do what you do there’s no talking to you when you’ve made up your mind so I ‘ll leave it for now go out drinking tonight and let go I won’t think about you for a week or two and then we’ll be alright let you spend all your days somewhere deep into space with your spirit friends and then later, maybe you and I can team up

Plastic flying discs no matter how far the angel’s call I wanna go there but people don’t just leave the lives they lead, yeah I know that but I can’t help drifting I can’t help thinking that tomorrow when I wake up I will have grown wings on my back and maybe if I flap them they could lift me off my bed pour all of this into a plastic flying disc throw it back and forth ‘til sundown and then head home yeah we have always been naive ofcourse we’re never gonna leave but tomorrow when I wake up I will have grown wings on my back and maybe if I flap them they could lift me off my bed

Good kid my boy’s gonna be successful he’s gonna be a big shot my boy won’t take no for an answer he’s gonna hate the same people as me ain’t no pacifist‘s gonna take him away cause if you’re smart rich and goodlooking you do what you want sure you’ll loose some friends but that’s what losers are for just don’t look too long to mirror, son and don’t think too much, you’ll end up like uncle Tom you can’t give in when the feelings come you have to fight them off and keep moving on if you settle for little you’ll regret it later just look at me, just look at me come on, don’t sit around whining gotta get up and go keep your belly in and your elbows out gotta make the assets grow yeah listen closely, kid to daddy’s advise and if you wake up in the night, feeling cold and sweaty shower it off, and don’t tell anybody they say you can’t have one without the other but that’s bullshit, that’s bullshit yeah you do what you want, cause you’re smart and ready even when you feel like cold spaghetti show me that warrior-face go get them boy, destroy them boy

Sum-up if you choke I’ll be behind you I cannot help but feel like I do you covered me and now I cover you and that’s the way that I feel about you it’s not hard to feel angry and blue it’s not hard to feel happy and true it’s to hang on when nothing gets through when nothing is the way it’s supposed to so when we met there was nothing to say we closed the deal with our heads turned away and decided it’s better this way but now I wish I’d thanked you for every single day if you choke I’ll be behind you I cannot help but feel like I do you covered me and now I cover you and that’s the way that I feel about you

Tuxedo when I look at you I know just what to do and I go running down your lane I’m eight years old again and you are my best friend and I come running down your lane your friends are the coolest guys I’ve ever met they’re smoking cigarettes, and I won’t tell mom and dad and they teach me profanities and frisbee tricks last night when I laid my eyes on you again could not believe that somewhere 15 years had gone it seems last week we ran around up to no good up to our ears in love we’ve come to look just like people’s daddies did we’ve grown and now we look like our daddies did

Traintramping well the days are all the same do they know they’re all the same? nothing lost and nothing gained You can spend days and weeks and years waiting for what you’re living for And you become friends with all your fears at the expense of seeing clear Maybe I’ll sell my car quit my job become a slob staying up if I have to nothing I have to wake up to maybe I’ll live on trains take apart my life and rearrange maybe that’s what I’ll do on our own we’re quite a team my sleeping-bag and me you’re my sole necessity and there are times I wish I’d find myself a different niche move out of the city, gotta get out of the city but I just go to bed, live my life inside my head yeah that’s what I do and I wake up at seven get up around eleven I sit around and wait ‘til two never knowing what to do and all my days are like this nothing ever changes and if you have a plan for us then God, won’t you show us?

Farm you can tell by the way that I talk that I have no clue at all as to what I'm gonna do and you can see it in the dark of my eyes that I've come to realize that there’s nothing left to do there’s a hate taking hold of our minds running down and through the lines of our pointless hollow lives we were born choking on our silver spoons a generation of buffoons overpaid and overdue every day I feel odd and misplaced I do not care and can’t relate to the spirit of today something’s missing and somewhere’s missing me and I’m guessing that’s where I ought to be where I’m supposed to be if I would just lift my ass off my hands for once go ahead make up some kind of plan I could move to the loon in my head try to live off the land inside my head I wanna farm I wanna farm

On My Mind I've had you on my mind since I woke up this morning I'm trying to think of things to do to keep my mind away from you but nothing seems to work

Like A Saviour I could use some help in figuring out the pros and cons in all of this I could use some rest but I'm trying not to think that way when she shows up then I'm okay and in my weary head I'm making up all kinds of things 'bout present, past and future scenes in which I could be a little more sure of myself a little further away from the edge how I wish for you to take me on but tonight I feel like a saviour tonight I feel like I could save her

Love Song For the Faint-Hearted and if I never learn to love could you keep me company? if I never learn to trust could you reassure me? 'cause I'm telling it like it is I'm scared of being left I'm telling it like it is there's no place I have left to keep my demons locked away they're screaming in my chest and I'm scared of what you'll think of me when I tell you this but I'm telling it like it is I'm scared of everything yeah, I'm telling it like it is I won't let nothing in I only hope that one day I'll greet life with open arms and finally learn that it doesn't want to do me any harm let me into your silence your calm

The Constant Chase I'm gonna find you I'm gonna find you if it takes me all night I'm gonna blind you I'm gonna blind you with my brightest light I'm gonna drive you I'm gonna drive you til it feels just right I'm gonna have you I'm gonna have you all through the night and when the sun comes up and the moon goes down I'm gonna take you to the underground 'cause when the lights are out no one can see and I can take just what I need

Here's to You and Me Save one for me and our memory and all the things we believed Save a note for me in your melody when you go to sleep This one's for you and all your loved ones too and the things that you do To the golden days of our revelry Here's to you and me You were the one who made me sing You were the one I found hope in You were the one who turned me right and I'm saving it all tonight Keep this in your mind in the background Keep it safe and sound and maybe one of these days when you're on your way you'll take comfort in that place and it's true You were the one who made me sing You were the one I found hope in You were the one who turned me right and I'm saving it all tonight

Home It's been a while since I've looked in your eyes I dream each night that I travel through time and I'll wait behind 'til we've changed our minds but tonight I drive to you I know it's not the right thing to do but tonight I'm driving to you and I want you to come back home back home

Oh my God A thousand things are happening but I don't feel a single thing It's freezing this evening and All the people heading home to find what they have always known Nothing changes and Oh my god They tell me things will be alright That I will find my place somehow and All of this will start making sense But don't you ever find yourself longing after something else? Waiting for something to change your mind If you'll offer me a little fantasy a little make-believe and hope then I'm with you

Wednesday Night Today I'll go out again wandering just roaming round and round Looking upward as the night sets in pondering waiting to be found and I've been spending all my money on gasoline and brandy and I've been roaming these dirty streets night after night just to catch a dream and I'll go drinking with the boys Chasing silhouettes of godlike ghosts and we'll be singing into the night "it's worth believing" cause dreams like these don't die and she'd find me when I'm down all whiskey'd up and homebound She'd take me in her arms and sing me a song

Film School I should be honest but I’d rather lie ’cause the last thing I want to do is leave here tonight yeah maybe I should have stayed at home but that’s easier said than done so I’m gonna have to stand my ground and hang around I can’t afford to lose one more chance but then again, it’s been a while since I last made new friends so I’m talking and talking without saying a thing while you’re looking at my hands and nothing, nothing is happening but I’m this close to crapping in my pants there were warmer nights in the lowlands and then when the wind would blow you could hear the good times calling “come in” nineteen had laughs in store for all of us who are easily bored twenty meant so much more when the girls would fly and the boys would grow but lately, nothing’s been happening and the days just pass on by and I need badly to go away, but I seem stuck and I seem on my own when the sun is setting I can hear you calling but I don’t know your name so I can’t look you up and go there, where you are remember the last weeks of august that year film school had started again and everything was there and nothing, nothing meant anything if it didn’t involve us didn’t involve us

Baby Blue I'm gonna leave you, Baby blue 'cause I met this guy who really knew what he was talking about and he's gonna help me build a boat and then away I'll float and I just might never come back I'm gonna find you, Baby blue, yeah don't you worry about that This guy will help you make it through, yeah just wait 'til he tells you all about the seven seas and your wildest dreams and finding out what it's all about And all the way through, Baby blue, I'll be thinking about you but I have to leave you and meet my truth the way I'm supposed to 'Cause there's been something missing all my life and now it looks like I've found what I've been searching every skyline for

The Dreamer hey ya, you're always alone in the dark hoping someone will give you a call it seems no one is available you keep staring into the wall you dream of summers and beaches and friends and holidays that never end but since everyone's gone out the door it seems you're left with nothing at all looking out windows time to time hanging round and it's always on your mind lingering and draining you of your will how you played on that goldtainted hill nowadays you've given up waiting for good just comfortably misunderstood and if someone would give you a call there just would be no answer at all there just would be no answer at all

Make the Move Keep enough integrity just to be able to ignore you Breathe just enough to feel to be able to inhale you Come on, go on and let me know before I chicken out and leave you Alright, we'll be OK maybe just not today Alright, It's all OK We'll laugh it all away but I want you want you want you